Mar de Cortés International Airport
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Federal Authorities

Federal Authorities Federal Authorities

Civil Aviation Federal Agency (AFAC)

The Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation Ministry, thru its Civil Aviation Federal Agency oversees civil aviation in Mexico and it is an active member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

To avoid penalization or fines:

All registered Foreign  aircraft providing private service must carry the following documents on board:

  1. Airworthiness certificate
  2. Aircraft registration
  3. Civil liability insurance
  4. Pilot's license
  5. Pilot's medical certificate

All registered Mexican aircraft providing air taxi service within Mexico must carry the following documents on board:

  1. Aeronavigability card
  2. Registration certificate
  3. Air operator certificate (AOC)
  4. Aircraft civil liability insurance
  5. Pilot license
  6. Pilot medical certificate
  7. Permit issued by the DGAC (TAI) (TAN)

The Civil Aviation Federal Agency, through its airport commander, issues permits for multiple entries to foreign aircraft that wish to frequently land and take off in Mexican Airports. The following documentation is required to obtain this permit:

  1. Completed application
  2. Aircraft registration
  3. Aircraft airworthiness certificate
  4. Pilot's license
  5. Pilot's medical certificate
  6. Aircraft civil liability insurance
  7. If the aircraft is rented or leased, a notarized letter from the leasing company should be provided declaring that it agrees that the client may fly the aircraft to Mexico

If you are planning to request a one time entry or a multi entry permit, make sure you bring a copy of all documents required above. The cost of a one time entry or a multientry permit per full calendar year is $2,092.00 pesos. Also, AFAC charges you a fee of $687.00 per each 30 minutes of extra services beyond normal hours of airport operation.

AFAC Airport Commander: Ing. Alejandro Rangel Ocegueda
AFAC Inspectors: Lic. Joaquín Walter Wilson Ramos
  C.D.A. José Elías Calles Torres
  C.P.A. Marco Antonio Gutiérrez Salazar
  C.P.A. Marco Antonio Gutiérrez Salazar
Address: Libramiento Caborca-Sonoita #71 Col. Ejido Miramar,
Puerto Penasco, Sonora. Mexico C.P. 83552. Local #3.
AFAC Airport Office: +52 (638) 102 0411 from U.S.A.
Operation Hours: 15:00-00:00 Z
Extra time services: We Provide this service on the Client request
(see rates).

The National Institute of Immigration (INM)

This National Institute checks the immigration status of those arriving in Mexico through the Mar de Cortes International Airport. It grants the following permits:

  • FMT: Tourist Visa in which you may remain in Mexico as a tourist. You may not work or live permanently in the country. The FMT is valid for up to 180 days if you stay in Mexico. If you leave the country before the 180 days period, you must return it to the immigration officer before take off or drive back home.
  • FM3: Temporary work or resident permit in which you may live and work in Mexico.
  • FM2: A permit granted after four extensions, in which immigrant status allows you to work, live, and be eligible for more rights as a resident in the country.
  • Every person must pay 262.00 pesos per non-inmigrant fee (DNI) per entry to Mexico and 52.00 pesos per migration services fee (DSM) going outbound. Additionally, if you land before airport opening or after closing, and you require inmigration services you also have to pay 1,409.00 pesos per aircraft. These charges are paid to the National Inmigration of Mexico and are fees different to those charge by the airport or other federal authorities.

For more information:
Phone: (52) 638 388 83 14


A government office that checks the quality of products imported into Mexico. Through Puerto Pe�asco, an international port of entry, Customs grants different permits and/or licenses.

All aircraft must undergo a random search system, consisting of the following:

Each crew member has to declare to Mexican Customs the contents of his/her personal luggage and any additional articles he/she is carrying. Should the crew member have nothing to declare, he/she activates the mechanism of automatic selection that randomly indicates (with no one involved) if Customs is to examine his/her belongings or not.

  • The red light indicates that luggage and customs declaration will be checked
  • The green light allows clear passage

Passengers from the border and neighboring areas in transit to the rest of Mexico may take with them a number of non-taxable �tems. For information on what these items are and the amounts permitted by Customs, check:


  1. The customs declaration has to be fully completed. The format for tax payments is available at the customs service desk on arrival.
  2. Where the customs declaration is filled out by a family, the limits on luggage and duty-free allowances are cumulative.
  3. After picking up your luggage, hand in the declaration form to customs personnel as you leave.
  4. If you have any doubts, you may voluntarily request that customs personnel check your luggage before handing in your declaration.
  5. If need be, ask for help from customs personnel. Failing to comply with any fiscal requirement � even involuntarily � will be penalized.

Phone: (52) 638 383 4666


If you want to know which food items you can bring into Mexico, please check the english tabs of the following webpages and, so you can facilitate your entry into Mexico and avoid any misunderstandings in your trip.

Federal Police


Mexican Army


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